Diamond Core Drill Bits
Diamond Core Drill Bits
Standard 1/2in BSP Threaded Fixing.
Premium laser welded diamond tips.
Core bit with accessories fitted.

Premium Diamond Core Drill Bits

Applications: For coring holes in brick, masonry and concrete. Can be used wet or dry.


  • Laser welded segments for durability and minimum chance of segment loss.
  • Premium grade with good diamond concentration for faster action.
  • Standard 1/2" BSP female threaded attachment, suits most purpose made accessories.
  • 150mm barrel length, except 22 & 28mm; 300mm long.
  • Side slits (sizes 38mm upwards) to remove displaced core.
  • Full range of adaptors and accessories available.

Guidance Notes: Use with a drill of adequate power. We recommend min 1000W, especially for the larger diameters. For control and safety we recommend using a drill with a clutch or torque limiting device. Do not use hammer action as this will damage the drill bit.

Also Available: We offer a range of core drill accessories to fit your core bit to your power drill.

Dia (mm)
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28318642£60.00 Buy now
38118651£17.50 Buy now
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